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alrights im back blogging. hahas. well this is just a pict which i found online. (:

hahas. nothing much for the day, just went over to baby's house and pei him study.
cause he's still having his exams. hee.
8 alphabets, 3 words, 1 simple meaning.
you know what i mean. hees.

well, school's getting more and more boring by the day.
cant wait for new year to come. which mean 4 days of holidays!
& time for me to catch up on my sleep. rahhs
lrights, kinda happening and dramatic in school today. oh wells,
shant not elaborate.
and mr lee's obviously shooting me in class today.
come on, im not the only person who has a stead.
if you know the others you surely get shock one lors.
and just to say i dont like being said by that way. that look. (:

anyways, i've considered to drop my pure pyhsics and pure chemistry for the Os.
listen listen. (for those who are considering)
well, i will still be staying in 4H (no doubt)
just that im not sitting for pure chem pure physics paper during the Os.
i will still be attending lessons, dont worry.
nothing different, just taking a different paper (that is much easier)
im always catching no ball during my 3 sciences lesson.
which irritated some teachers i guess.
well i did consider, as in, even if i go to JC, the chances of me choosing a science course is a NO NO NO. 0% okay. its just so torturous to me.
sciences are just so not jaslin. xp

lols. i've told mr lee and my mum abt it, they just ask me consider about it.
oh wells. im always getting a B4 C5 C6 for my sciences
and i rather i take a combined chemphys paper, focus on my humans and bio rather.
and i found out something funny.
either peope are good in maths, lousy in sciences or vice versa.
except for that freaking crazy timothy. (haha)

oh wells, nvm. had been feeling sick these few days,
with me chionging homework once i reached home.
all thanks to crazy teachers who think we just have one subject in secondary and bombard us wih so many homeworks,
expectiing us to hand in the next day.
every night once my head touches the pillow and TATAS
here comes lalaland.

TODAY TODAY. wednesday. [:
well, went to ngee ann polytechnic open house today.
lousy coordination of the school.
anyways, its overcrowded everywhere, and made me so sian.
grabbed some info about each course jiu zhao liao.
well but ngee ann's not attracting me.

anyway saw jeffrey and chuen yong. hahas.
shocked man.
waited very long for kaiting just to pass her textbook
then went to canteen2 with the 2 of them or dinner.
had some pasta, and i ate only like 30% of it & im VERY full. HAHA
stayed in ngee an til around 6.35,
went home on 852 alone mans.
and i keep on having my head knocked cause i was sleeping on the bus.
bus isnt a safe travelling mode. hmms

free donuts. and they taste delicious ;D

poor thing man. that's jeffrey's doing. haha

me with my sweetest baby.
happy one month dear. [:

the key to my heart's lost.
youre forever locked inside.
x) imy.

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