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alrights, my results for my O lvl Chinese's back,
and i got an A1! hahas.
i cried can! hees. while waiting for my turn to get the result slip,
some of us cried lahhs. cause was very scared tt might get a B3.
and after i got mine i screamed and cried lols. xp
so emotional huh. eeting see us she also cry. thou she never take O lvl lahs. haha.
met up with baby after school, went to shop for his cvd day stuffs,
and went to his house to slack before heading home.

tataas. my name is there ok!. x)
hmms, nothing much for school.
now learning a new dance from a new teacher, and she said the dance is xinjiang de dance.
and i agree with what ama darl said.
they are sure proud of their body can!
and i think its really awkard till cny performance, cause its just only the 10 sec4s of us performing!
its like so paiseh can.
everybody, get yourself a MC on cny celebration! xp

anyways, met up with baby at night to do some work.
haha. he can even fell asleep at mac. lol. xD
well, but do halfway i sian le.
so went to walk walk around yishun area again.
went to yishun neighbourhoodpark. lol.
the sky is so pretty! got alot stars, and dear, you promised to gt me one. =p

dear drew these.SATURDAY

met up with edwin and went to yjc de carnival today. hmms.
alot stalls set up, andbaby brought me to a haunted house.
hahah. inside so funny lahs. xp
but nice efforrt? haha.
saw many of ex-cchy ppl there lol. i saw elaine!
which i havent been seeing for quite some time.

walked around, till around 1.15 when we left with chinping and eddie as well.
went to northpoint walk walk with edwin jiu go down marsling meet ppl le.
hahas. we're going ice skating!
skaters for the day are germain jiexin dary edwin roger kaixun matthew and me!
hahas. ok, i fell down the least ok. which is 1 time!
who ask the floor be so wet and slippery. so i fell down luhhs.
its like so so cold cause my jeans and jacket's wet!

a stall opposite baby's one lol. interesting huh

daryl, matthew, germain edwin & me!

and the height's always so obvious ==


kaixun daryl me!8 of us. thanks to shengyao for taking this pict!

do re mi fa so
and edwin fell dwn, and hand got injured by some other uncle's shoe's blade which obviously cut him. quite a deep cut. ouch.

and before resurfacing they had a skating session for the ppl who wear hockey skating shoes or whatever la. and they're so shuai can!
and after skating til aorund 6, slacked around the place before we went back to yishun for dinner at kfc.
thanks to my shutter speed i manage to take this picture. HAHA

and my dearest baby got me these during the carnival. one of them is a chocolate. ;D
met up with baby awhile at night before he sent me home. [;
thanks for always accompanying me.
hehs im becoming a spoilt girlfriend. xp
i love you!

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