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passing on the rubber band!

emo songrong. haaha
alrights, its been quite long since i blogged again. haha.
cant really rmb what happened on sat and suns. i got STM. lol.
but i know i've been going BK to study and go amk hub walk walk ba. rest should be slacking home.

ever since school reopened my hworkload is getting HEAVIER.
more & more homework. sighs. and with the upcoming camp, i think i wont get to leave the school everyday this week before 6pm.
those picts on top were the picts taken at yishun park on monday.
well, we were trying out the amazing race which is for the sec1 camp.
went to so many stations, & i remember us walking for at least 3 whole hours. gosh man.
went to find baby and his fren zhonghong after school,
went to eat etc etc then homed. (:
switched bags with baby as i was complaining my heavy bag. LOL.
i have at least 6 subjects to bring for everyday!

hey. i draw the one below! xD baby dew one too, but i didnt have the pict =/

and i doodled on duno-whose-table de table cover because i was bored.
HAHA. oh well, chijie was being too gay today. cant blame me. lols!
below de is shiyun deardear drew de. (:

well, i never sleep in class today! it was an achievement for me ever since school reopened. haaha. physics proj presentation was a blast man.i was looking at our video & i laughed til my tears came out. LOL.skipped lunch & rushed for the precamp,
and since im e overall ic for green hse i cant get away! rahhs.& i guess i ned more strepsils in the next coming days. have to keep on shouting and shouting cheers to keep them from being low. zz.lol. pity us prefects and p.s.l. !

rushed again for dance practice and etc, andeverything end at around 6.went to get my gv card with tien, bought some stuffs with ama darl as well.
actually wanted to go eat with darling de,
but who knows my bro got a fall while cycling & he's stuck at tt place with his gf.
lol. another drama for the day. felt so bad had to left early. sorry darling!

went to look up for my bro,
he sprained his ankle, and his foot become very zhong. then e other leg some minor cuts.
then his hand also abit sprained (cause i see him coming back in bandage after he went hosp)
then e bicycle de handle hit his rib there and he was like complaining pain.
hence he was stuck here, wincing in pain at each step he tries to make. haha

waited for his gf dad to fetch him to hosp for checkup while i slowly push his bicycle home.
first meal of the day was at 8pm+
lol. anyway, schooling might be a good way to burn off fats man.
for two consecutive days i had one meal for one whole day ;D

more & more stress are weighing on me.
i dont like schooling days =C
baby's having exams these few days.
dont burn too much midnight oil ok.
pains me to see u like that! cheerup ;D
much misses, much lovees. x33

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