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hahas. went to emily's house today to do some dance de posters and i pon e precamp. lol.
went to get some materials for the poster at northpoint
and i met up with baby. haha
just nice his school ended, hence he pei me take bus go dearie house. (:
today shiyun was the most slack one!
lol. did the posters til around 6.30 && we all headed home. hmms.
anyway, i'll be away for the sec1 orientation camp, be instructor.
haha. time to torture e sec1s again! xp
camp's till friday, but i see til then i got time to blog anot.
im so busy everyday. sighs.
after camp we still have to stay back for some idiot lecture [SS SS and more SS]
and after tt having a rehearsal.
gambatek for your papers!
good luck okays. ((:

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