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hahas. i've been a good gal and i stayed home for the whole sunday and for my tuition as well!
lol. i tried to sort out my sec3 worksheets but it all ended in a mess. xp
anyways, today lessons were as usual,
actually wanted to go causeway get my cny shoe after school,
but who knows right after school i suddenly felt very unwell. ==
even have to cabb myself home.
i rmb myself breaking out into cold sweat and walking that corridor home seems so much of a difficulty.
oh wells, nvm. met up with edwin and chinping at chogpang mac around 6.
studied till around 9 like that before baby came over after his bball.
accompanied him to buy his skinnie,
dinnered at the market there with cp and edwin again before baby sent me home. [:
&& i love him much. ((:

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