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taddas. im back to blog again!

been quite stressed up these few days with kisiao teachers giving assignments
almost once every 20minutes.
how are we going to finish it?! grrs.
anyway on friday, accompanied sy deardear go OP buy her skirt,
but who knows we were late when we went back schoo for lecture & had to sit first row. haha

and do i look that small sized mehs?

hmm anyway slacked at home practically the whole day,
had tuition, and went out for dinner at chongpang with
baby, elvis, ruting, edwin zixian and yoketing.
hahas. planned to go study with edwin but by the time we finish its like kinda late?

tattaas. aftermath of the whole meal. *sense of sastisfaction. LOL.

wells, sundays were spent idling away at home as well.
hmms. but i did housework okays~ winks*
baby came over my house, played the comp awhile before he accompanied me
go BK meet up with nicolette celesta and chingyuk to study,
before he went off to meet his mum go amk.

anyways, these few days im pretty much absorbed into audition.
hahas. time for destress! xp
and being random, if you ever took notice of the skies lately,
they are beautiful. [:

morning, while waiting my bus to school
this one taken from voideck,
this one taken today in school after lessons ended
at night accompanied mum go chongpang buy new year shoes.
in the end i never even bought anything cause she was simply too fussy.
awhile say this not nice awhile that.
zzz. so i rather she just buy her shoe and just homed. zz.
and i realised wherever i went in chongpang ppl were smoking everywhere.
even once i got off the bus.
its getting me suffocated! =/

&& i wanna catch a few movies.
#1. One Missed Call
#2. Vanished
anybody free to pei me? im pretty bored up at home.
&& i want to get my cardigan BADLY.

im unhappy today.
cant just anyone be more sensitive towards me.
i wan a hug, anyone?
the sudden urge to cry is there.

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