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well, too many things seemed to have happened.
had sort of a quarrel, thats why you see my nick at msn was so emo.
but i guess everything is gonna be fine now,
thou everything seems so weird.

well, today school had some teachers from AJC coming in to give us a talk.
and i can tell you ITS FREAKING ME OUT.
its like so hard can! and sciences are my worst subjects.
it made me wanna go poly even MORE. LOL.

anyway, school ended at 2.05, and i went home straight.
bake some cookies, but due to the oven abit spoilt,
some came not that well done.
but oh wells,
I DID TIL 6PM OK. cause i keep on redoing.
its time for a new oven.
hmm. just wanna say a sorry to dear, and also, zixian.

too much things happened. and my fav glass bottle was broken into pieces.
those broken pieces are still somewhere in my room. didnt even want to clear them up. lol.

for a moment i thought
everything's gonna be over.
those words are hurting.
and my heart cried.
but i cnt find a shoulder for me..
but anyway, ily.

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