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well im back here to update again! hmms. had been relatively busy for these few days =/
haha. anyway, cool ba. i manage to get a photo of other schoolmates waiting for flag raising ceremony! SPOT urself? x:

hahas. anyway, camp was still so so. was the green hse i/c (luckily enough to skip alot responsibility=p ) and station masters for two games.
hmm, first day my game was to make a longer line with whatever the sec1s have, and to win the game, alot of them even took out shoelaces and alot of things. LOL. some very creative luhs.
anyway, thanks to the scouts for the campfire! although i still feel our year de fire was the biggest. hahs. cause it wasnt our school compound! who cares man. xD

on the first night, i suddenly dont feel like staying in school,
(cause the next day, friday i'll be extremely busy)
and hence i quickly zhao lor with norvin and other seniors. haha.
can you imagine, we only get to have our bathe after OUR debrief which will be around 1am?
gosh and think about the icy cold water.
thats enough to turn me off can. so to escape debreif and others,
i WENT home and had my sweet sleep for around 5hours!

haha. went back school the next day, some sleeping in prefects room,
some lost their voice some fell sick. and most of them slept for like 1hr only.
hmm. anyway, went to yishun park for their amazing race.
i can say my station is the most slack one! xp
there's even 2 swings there, and of course,
i swing here and there until i felt giddy. LOL. (zi tao mei qu)

so i went to the side and sit on some stool (or whatsoever)
so throughout i just sit there wait ppl come, give them their task,
wait them come back and let them pass. LOLS.
no ants or mosquitos bites for me! xD
there was even time for me to play with caterpillar cause obviously it was hanging on to some spider web. and i just stand beside and watch. haha
so after camp,
sabrina tan insist us that we have to go for social studies lecture
so i went northpoint to meet baby before he went cchy with me. well he had lion dance (:
&& i never sleep uring lecture! though i almost lahs xD
but i see william keep on nodding his head. HAHA.
well was tired enough after lecture, still have to go for rehearsal and stuffs.
which was like gosh!
im over-working myself! and still have to kou1 the sec3s,
and practice my own zangzu dance. )):


had cca orientation today, and was late myself. LOL.
both chairpersons are late! xp
anyways, everthing went smoothy, and we even went touting around the school.
LOLS. had to clear up e booth and ava room, & went to find baby and elvis after settling everything.
lols by that time im seriously having a bad headache.
baby wanted to play bball, hence stayed in school til about 1 bfore we went home.
went home, suspect myself having fever and

hehs. li hai bahs.
its a temperature of 39.1. but my brains aint burning. dont worry ;D
hmm, bathed and went over to baby hse before we went to elvis house and help him with his bbq stuffs. and ohya, thanks elvis for ur panadol!

hmm. got to sembawang park around 4.
and AGAIN, it rained!
rained when we JUST got there with all the food.
and i got drenched totally of course, have to take shelter from someone else there also.
see how black the sky is!

anyways, we waited til around 6+ before the coulds start to clear up!
and baby lent me his shirt to prevent me from getting a cold. haha.
thanks! (: started the fire and etc,
jonathon was the cook for the day!

hmm. everythng was going fine at first. knew a few other ppl (:
but later some unpleasant things happened. shant elaborate.
but im pretty much worried for gor, dear and bearbear.
esp dear.never seen him like tt before.
anyways, i left at around 2245 & dear and me cabbed home. (:

elvis's bdae cake from jonathon!

baby and me. he wanted to take this pict with me cause i was in my costume and make up! rahhs.

somehow, that matter made me
wanna cherish you even more.
i'll always be there baby.
tts cause i love you. ((:

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