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alrights, a short update ;D
hmms. though i said i wanted to study for my exams over the weekend,
but truthfully, i only started to study tonight.- sunday night.
hahas. my SS notes are missing. but oh wells..

nothing to update actually, but on friday,
me sunshine, hannah, huichin and juetong went to this cafe at Nee Soon West CC for lunch.

i recommend that u dont go to this restaurant unless you have a free 1hour nothing to do.
can u imagine?
i waited for half an hour for just my baked rice and spaghetti took even longer.
guess their oven made of gold.
takes forever to heat up and cook the food? hmms.
due to rsh of time to get back school for lecture,
we rushed to finish the meal within 10mins and ended up running back to school. zz.

for you were the reason
why i smiled.
you meant so much to me.
iLOVEyou dear! takecares. [;

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