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alrights. im here to blog! hahas. something gross to start off the day,
all thanks to CHOOPS!
bio practical for the day : disecting of pig's eye. [duno is pig's or sheep's]
its like so so so er xin! and i didnt even dare to touch or do anything to it.
so all i just did was be the photographer!
hmms. i took quite a few photos, but they are either in shiyun's or samuel's hp.
and samuel only sent some of them to me.. nvm.
i've made it into a video, xp hahas. and its at the bottom of the post!
caution: if youre eating anything, better finish it up before u see it. hahas.

had CNY competition after school,
and this time round i can really sense the spirit of 4H. everybody was just trying to chip it wherever they can. (: hmms. but they have to leave for a bio workshop/ course [which i didnt want to go]
and hence u could see me the only one around during judging, and trying to tie up all loose ends.
hahas. i solo-ed for the presentation ok! xp
oh well, i like my class~! everyting's so sweet,
and with softoys along the window. hahas.

back board
message that the class left : tjhou we are not around, but or hearts are. wishing everyone a Happy New Yr!
hey i did this board. xp
our motto board. lol

evil snake. rahhs!
long row of soft toys!

[xin1 xiang3 shi4 cheng2] on the window! and other class copy our idea can! xp
hahas. thats fo all, homed for tuition, and went to find edwin and guys at 291 around 9+.
they eating zi ca ma. too bad my mum bought my dinner so i just went to chat chat. hhas.
eat till around 10 before we homed, while some went to safra to play.

opps, i forgot to wish edwin a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! xp

all trying to touch his .. zz nvm. LOL

ohya and anyway. here's the video made out of pictures. ((: shrugs*

okays. im going out to town soon!. yays.
buti havent got a chance go causeway. my mondo shoes! x(
nvmi shall find a chance. cya peeps!

im sure you could sense it. its changing.
i love you baby anyway. [:

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