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well, its been long since i blogged. hees. and now im back to post!
oh anyways, abt cny de stuffs and all, due to my STM, i'll just skip it. hahas.
dont feel like blogging too long due to my laziness!
you see, its been almost a week since i blogged and tonnes of things may have happened. ==
nothing interesting over the school days,
just that we had a dramatic monday monrning to freshen everyone up.
guess what?
well, we were in the mdst of our music lesson when something was flying behind the music room. and we ALL thought it was a bird.
but thennn... when it rest,
LOL. and so, we were so called 'evacuated' == from the music room,
while some teachers and classmates try to drive it out of the music room.
derek injured it! rahhs. nvm. cut short cut short. xD

see! we were waiting outside music room for bat to fly out. LOL

randoms, taken on 2nd day of cny with baby! :D baby came cchy on wed for his lion dance.
see! his shoes and mine. haha


hahas. its valentines day today!
& also, its me and baby's 2nd month! x33

hmms, school ended early today, luckily physics remedial was cancelled. (:
ad i just brought 2 presents to school today! gotta get one for eeting soon. hee.
ohya, fyi, you guys wont be seeing me in shoes for maybe the next 2 weeks?
hahas. [again?] you must be asking.
well, same problem. not elaborating on it. (:

hahas. anyway after school assembly, intended to go home straight.
was walking behind eddie and inez,
then after we crossed the road and they awalked the other side,
inez and eddie came back screaming :
JASLIN JASLIN! jiahon is here with one bouquet of flowers!!!

'huh?' was my immediate retarded response,
& of course, i thought they were kidding and decided to walk off,
who knows inez pulled me over and i saw baby!
hahahs. he's like all dressed up nicely with a present and flowers in his hand.
i thought he was at school,
& i also thought he never bought any presents
due to his busy schedule. [he say one lor. lol.]
hahas. can imagine how shocked i was anot. lol.

aint my baby sweet ;D

and after that, baby came over my house,
intended to go out catch movie all these de.
but who knows i too tired,
i fell asleep and when i woke up its like abit late?
hahas. so in the end went to chongpang for dinner,
walk walk before heading to his house. [:

the skinny tie i bought for baby.
dear, hope you like it ;D
and my baby is shaui today! hahas.

the two softtoys for jenin an shuhui!
cute ba!

and my room's in a mess when i go home. lol
baby knew i liked tigger and he gave me a tigger! ;D
presents of the day! i feel so paiseh for some of my darlings.
cause i didnt really buy anything for them.
afterall, i went to school with the 2 softoys on top! :P
time to save money ok!
cannot be like last yr. xchanged with almost 20 ppl. LOL.

and of course, valentines' the day of love and for all,
&& everybody gets presents from everyone!
i didnt failed to get a present from...

THE DOCTOR. gosh. its for my leg.
(: thanks baby for accompanying me to the doc. ;D

anyway, thanks to those who gave me sweets!
& james gor who pei me to causeway ytd to do last min shopping
& emily, eeting, shuhui, jenin, mr chang, gaoshang for sweets and stuffs
& baby for everything today! ;D

baby, thanks for the sweet day you've given me.
surprises and stuffs.
i was really taken aback okays! and most imptly,
i love you.
i love you.
i love you!

i wanna tell the whole world that i i love you more than i can say. ;D

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