Friday, February 29, 2008

im back to blogging due to HOT HOT HOT demand! ;D
ahaha. i sound so bu yao lian. LOLS.
but that' the fact okay!
hmms. since my last post its been almost a week!
and i do remember me myself lamenting about the amaths and biology test.
hahas! but ALAS!
;D both teachers 'loved' me SOOOO MUCH!

tata. my biology paper. &
im lazy to post my amaths results
cause i got lost somewhere during transder of picts. lols.

ok frm here onwards will be random photos that happened over the week!

fire drill which disrupted my alll-tme fav music lessons.

yeap yeap that's my baby in the picture. ;D
his fren vincent was going back australia for studies
& we went Jack's Place to have dinner with him!
& i think we sat there from 6+ to 9+? lols~
chatting ma.

my chio ez-link card!

had a visit to suntec career fair ytd,
pretty interesting over there,
and we went back after lugging some heavy brochures.
casino operations so cool la!

hmm scared of height?

hmm. and i think i shall end the post with this picture.
its like so LOL lahs.
hahas! this pict suitable for primary school kids! ;D

hahas. in case you guys are wondering abt my marks,
English - 16/25
Emaths- 39/45
HMT- 30/50
Amaths- 22/50 [after a drastic +5m for lenient remarking ]
Biology- 22.5/50

Physics- 35/50
Geog- 7/12
SS- results still on hold. (:

&& now, im in the study-mugging mood.
my homework for the weekend are almost completed!

somehow those memories are flooding back
go away! shoo!

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