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hahas. waiting for my post? hee.
alrights, went to town on saturday with cel, khad, thomas, edwin chingyuk matthew kaixun chinping and zixian who joined us later. (:

went to wisma to fix khad's phone before we headed to far east.
i wanna get my new yr shoe! hahas.
lucky enough, there's a Mondo shop there! *screams
LOL. no choice, mum wans me go tt shop buy. and since i also lzy go causeway buy,
go just anyhow chose one shoe in that shop. and its super super crowded ok!
hahas. bought a white stiletto shoe. which i kinda regreted.
well anyways,

since we got no where to slack, went to cinesmax and we booked a room.
got 4comp and can watch dvds inside lahs.
hahas. hmm they rented 'Hard Candy', one which they say their teacher got mention.
its rated M18 and its gross! too much gross stuffs lately.
its about a girl castrating one guy. zz.
i went to play my comp of course lah! so er xin.

hmms. after that around 9.30 we left the place, rest went for dinner while me and yuk went home first ;D

khadd, cel, me!

aiyo too many ppl. lazy say who's who. hahas

my white stiletto shoe. (: its kinda high and that's why regretted buying it. gosh

Tuesday.Wednesday 5/6Feb

well, sunday baby came over my house slacked, and i had dinner with his family at chongpang, nth much, so i shall skip to tuesday! monday are the usual boring lessons anyway. hahas.

well, dance was cancelled! was home quite 'early',
hence i decided to pack my cupboard!

and it sure IS messy. haha! can you believe?
Jaslin's starsign is virgo! LOL. tsktsk. where have the tidyness ran to?

well, so i pack and pack, pack til night only did halfway.
lol. no choice i just went to sleep, haha.
went to baby hse in the morning before school.
waited for elvis taxi ma. they having a performance.
hees. helped out my juniors in school. and i wan join chingay!
but too bad, given my current homework load, its impossble. haha.

well, performance was quite success. hee.
just as i brought them to the back to hall to sit,
suay enough, that
THAT john lim was there.
wth lor. the moment he see me
'ehh girl ar. where's your tie? this is the 3rd or 4th time im telling you. (i dont care him then continue my stuffs then..) if that's the case then you.....'
lol. i didnt hear him what he say, since i cant be bothered with him.
HAHA. fine, i shall wear that ugly blue tie for a few more months
before i'll be graduated from
prefectorial board.
sucks man. I WAN MS WONG!

okay anyways, my class deco got a 2nd anyway.
4F's always infront of us. rahhs.
hmms. nvm. in our hearts, we think that 4H emerged as a champion ;D
after the whole thing ended, baby sent me home, and
TATAAS. im done with my cupboard!

&& im super proud of it. ;D

that teddy bear was from my BFF sylvia! xp

baby. ;D

i got this from ivy's blog! hahas.

nothing could ever replace you.
i love you dear!

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