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4H class bbq at ECP!

hahas. well it was RAINING.
and we are BBQ-ING!

hmms. i lugged LOADS of stuffs to northpoint, and i must say, is ALOT CAN!
they say kaiting hse alot of stuffs, but..
again, i think more stuffs are with me.
can you imagine?
1 big packet of frozen food,
1 big plastic bag full of tongs, plates, marshmallows, serviets
(which is already heavy enough)
&& another 2 HEAVY HEAVY bags of mifen! 25 pckts can!

which all adds up to 4 bags.
okie i blogging about it cause i wan to whine about it!
4h peeps must be grateful okie! :xx

hahas. anyway, met up with shiyun eeting jianwei junping szegee junfei deyi and shixuan.
went to kaiting house and cabbed to ecp at 1.30
and started preparing stuffs!

see! raining we still can bbq can! xD

and some duno which dumbdumb ppl put mamee on top. --

ok the 3 chao pai kia! haha kidding :x

oh and mr lee must be explaining some physics concept to his daughter.

and i think it belonged to william.
considering the marking i made was MY foot size. --
feel the waves!
tatas! see my marshmallows~

pictures blurry cause i was walking. hehe

that's a plane!

;D stayed till around 9~
we girls shouted out our throats at the beach
while some lovey dovey was star-gazing.
xD hehe.
almost everybody went except one or two,
counted a success! xD

cabbed home with gaoshang johann and chijie!
hahas. and i got pretty drained out.
itwas raining throughout!
i must whine abt it.
hehe. im off!

Happy 3 months baby!
x) love you loadds;

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