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hahas. emo picts up lately.
nothing's bringing that smile up my face. hahas
oh anyway i received my cert for O lvls chinese!
im here to flaunt it again. hahah.
oh well, the you-know-who,
LONG JOHN is up on my hate-list for the teachers in school
he practically has something to say about every little and insignificant stuffs
from top to toe on me.
earrings, tie and slippers.
he SHOULD be really glad that im wearing my tie AND i pulled it quite high already can
slippers! come on lahs! its like i really ENJOY wearing slippers to school meh?
got medical certificate also must comment.
PLS LAH. 2nd day after i caught caught be him,
he was EYEING me like a criminal some sort of.
i have to wear back my socks and shoes and come back home with a worsen state.
i would (or rather i will) tell him he's the suckiest teacher in school ON my graduation day
& he shall have nothing to say about it.
i no longer YOUR PREFECT anymore. ;D
put in short, you'r aint a prefect-head in my eyes.
prefectorial board sucks cause of you (:

okay, anyway back on school stuffs,
seriously i feel that im settling down alot nowadays.
i like jasmine's seat. (: keeps me from being distracted.
haha. now i know where the distraction came from. x)
tonnes of homework over the wkend,
and i took a love for novels. ;D
at least it keeps me occupied as audi is starting to get boring.

Good Friday tmr! whch means a day off.
haha. i wanna watch 'The First Rule' but its rated NC16. rahs!
no matter what i just wann get out of my hse.
my mum's been pretty stingy on my freedom nowadays
and mr lee's like worrying i may end up with some bad company
and ends up loitering around malls or whatever. -.-
back to track,
yes its a hint. but who's taking it?
hahas. alrights, i shall be off.

okay i know this is super random,

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