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hmm added effect. (: pretty?

today was the last day for the motivational workshop.
almost everything went well except for the lunch.
in a mess! hahas. anyway, was still kind of she bu de
when we have to leave.
coaches, you guys just totally rocks. x)
im right-brained!
i didnt take in the fact that i was right-brained,
untill i gradually realised i do everything from right to left.
just like today remembeing picts, and even te way i do mindmap. (haha)
me kaiting and shiyun deardear.
hahas we were in the toilet and we realised we had different tones of hair colour.
me being the blackest -.- and shiyun least.
&& when we stood like that,
it beame do-re-mi.

blurred up pict just now. ((:
went to causway with deardear after workshop.
intended to buy the bag we've been aiming for, xD
but too big im too small sized for the bag,
or rather the bag is too big for me. *laughs
hence in the end i bought for shiyun deardear as her very belated bd present! xD

went to had dinner at mos burger, before deardear went home
and i went to find andy as well.
crappy guy. hahas. we walked around causeway awhile before i homed. ((:
&& ya. i bought this mouse pad from 'hallmark'!

i wan watch step up 2 / shutter!
who's willing to pei me? xp

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