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hmm, time to rejoice!
we'll be having a motivational workshop from next thurs to sat!
which means all lessons and classes are CANCELLED!
yay yay. ;D
hahas. you can see im pretty boring and even ended up posting lame stuffs.
HAHA. i researched for my chinese compo can!
on recycling bins. hahas. hmm.. im becoming a physics freak sooner or later.
lols. supp supp supp!

its been a long time since i went ice skating
i wanna go town.
i wanna go there there there and there.
hahas! im sick of being cooped up in yishun :x
i shall count down to the days for june holidays. -.-
sound so pathetic can! haha.
nvm. i'll just wait for baby to finish his exams 1st :D
entertainers? :x

oh this just isnt fair. its not like im the only one who has a stead.
rahhs! i did focus on work kays!
stop shooting me!
if not i shall shoot you. BANG BANG :D

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