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Kalley, our ex monitress of the class!
she's flying for UK tonight and WE DO MISS HER.

hahas. around morning quite a bunch of us went to her house.
cause she flying le ma. so went to see see.
hahas. and, is QQUITE a BUNCH.
lols. anyway, her house 'rented' is pretty interesting.
she has a HAMSTER and a super KAWAII DOG!

hahas. having a nice chat with her. she's hidden, but dont be mistaken,
the girl in white is sinren!
not kalley. xD
okie this's her dog. hahas. super cute lorhs! & it likes to play with us~

and, TATA!

lols ok i know i've been lamenting over having a hamster.
but too bad mummie dislike them :/
haha. it doesnt wants to see you.

okie, and i soon left her house early,
as mum wans to bring me to amk to find some master.
well went to seek advice on names,
and TATA.

my name is changed! not surname lahs duh.
the one circled in purple is the old one,
and now mine is the one circled in red.
hmmm.. but i still have the tendency to write back the old one.
but i still prefer to write the zheng4 kai3 zi4 for my new name.
oh and to mention this,
someone was wearing the same thing as me in audition! LOL.
&& dear is such a PIG. haha.yups that's all for today!

& youre very much on my mind. <3

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