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okay im pretty bored up at home. ): nothing much to do.
lazy for revision too. hehe.

anyway, im back to blog!
sorry guys if you guys came and there's nothing up here.
hahas. on that day me kaiting and shiyun deardear went to causeway!
lunched at Seoul Garden. and we ate so so so long.
hahah. didnt took much pictures, except for the aftermath. xD

hahas. 1 pathetic picture. but better than nothing ma!
walked around we suddenly realised we got so much stuffs that we wanted to buy.

1. i got myself a 2x2 cube. ;D
2. perhaps me deardear eeting and kaiting are going to buy the same bag! (sounds crazy right?)
3. deardear and i bought stickers and pasted all over our phone :x
4. i bought another earring.
5. i've yet to take a look at my mouse~ i want either a small pink/white mouse for comp!
5. my step up 2's yet to be catched!

homed with kaiting, was on the train,
and i saw this lovely pink-violet sky. loveed! <3>check out the size! kaixun's 4x4
hmms. there's this 3 day motivational workshop which started ytd.
hmms. there's this instrutor yvonne.
though she has a deep voice, but she manage to catch our every attention,
which her real-life stories and short clips,
we got all absorbed. we were in the LT with 4g and 4f.
kinda loved the atmosphere. relaxed and youre always open to do anything.

we started off with some notes and some games!
hahas. we got 2 decks of cards and were supposed to break coach yvonne's record.
record of 10 layers of poker cards.
hahas. our group was totally dumb at it, as the card was all folded,
it wasnt really too good to build those we normally see.
as i was fiddling with it i saw something feasible. *winks.
off we broke coach's record of 10 and ours was 13!
i took a pict using deardear's phone.
forgot to send it over, but i'll post it next time!

and there's other game 'Untangled'
hahah i think i got the group even more tangled. LOL.

DAY 2.
hmms the workshop was started off with analysing ourselves,
and i fell in the 'I' category.
i think only those who went understood. but oh wells, nvm~ xD
but as the workshop continues, i gets abit boring today. :x

during break time i saw this!
its a whole lot of SPIDERS and the black line you see,
is a whole line of their eggs on the wall!
but today we played another game,
where people have to interlock/ hold each others' hand and try to stand up together at same time.

tatas. cchy broke coach yvonne's record of 84 people! (should be)
we've got 126 people! the game was whole lotta fun,
the whole process and suaning people. hahah.

anyway, the long anticipated 6pm was here!
while waiting for duno what,
took a pict with another coach!
forgot her name thou, shall check it out tmr~ x)

tatas. that's all for today. (:
andy i've blogged okie! xD

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