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school's reopened!
hahas. its term 2. i will not be the term1 jaslin kay!
i promised myself to study super hard onwards from term 2!
but still, gotta see my determination. haha

mr vijay was kind of nice during supp lessons.
he said once we finish homework jiu can go home.
haha! so ended up cabbing to causeway with deardear
and we watched the 'Sky Of Love'

hmms. its pretty a nice show.
there's this guy called Hiro (Haruma Miura) who's so shuai lahs!
another girl's Mika and her crying skills are good! lols. :x

After losing and retrieving her phone, Mika soon began receiving phonecalls from a unknow admirer. when summer is over, Mika returns to school to meet up the guy who turns out to be this blonde guy (Hiro)

Pleasurable sexual initiation is promptly followed by sexual humiliation when Hiro's jealous ex (Suki) hires 3 thugs to rape Mika. Suki then publicises herrival's alleged promiscity through the school gossip network. Enraged, Hiro overcomes his characteristic aloofness and his bond with Mika got stronger instead.

Preservering between both schoolwork and sex, Mika soon got pregnant. Hiro believes he's ready for fatherhood but both sets of in-laws harbour reservations. the storyline hence unfolds which some susprising (& some unsuprising) developments. (...)

hmms im lazy to go on, but i got this from
emily's dearie blog! hope she doesnt minds. credits to her! xDD
(hahah im now always kope-ing things from ppl :x)

hmms. its touching at times,
and with Mika's crying skills its enough to send people sobbing into tears.
i was on the verge of crying kay~
but never. haha. can hear ppl sniffing away xD

oh wells, left the theatre and found out that i left my handphone in the theatre!
i ran all the way back up can!
got so worried. when deardear called my handphone, someone picked it up,
and promptly off the handphone. T.T
luckily the personnel help me find the cleaner and retrieved my phone!
thanks alot! ;D i thought i would lose my phone again.
not the first time kay! xDD
i got so worried that i would have cried if i found my handphone a moment ltr.
heehee. anyway, homed after that.

i missed your presence.
friday is not just good friday!

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