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today's a sunny day!

and some dumb people caneven wear black tee and black shorts out.
YEA and im that person.
gosh! cant believe it.

hmm anyway, i had been a good girl today ;D
i had tuition in the morning,
[but she was alrdy raising her voice less than 15mins into tuition]
i went out to study in the afternoon,
tatas. im a good girl.

hmms. boring day huhs. went out again to edwin's house,
and i think they had a good time trying to bluff chinping
saying that baby got into accident. leg injured.
HAHA. edwin's mum took part in it kays!
but oh wells, i had to go home early. )):
and tatas. here im blogging over useless and senseless stuffs.
holidays are gonna be over!
and YES. and thanks to YTSS that
we are having our lesson timetable extended to 5pm EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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