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As i've promised! here's the pict of some of the games held during motivational workshop xD
1st one is about given a deck of cards we are to build it as high as possible
within a time limit, a 13 storey we have,
and using just one piece of newspaper and 2 chairs,
balance as many shoes you can on it.
hahas. & in the pict we have 55 shoes, bu this we didnt manage to break record. xp
hmms anyway, due to physics remedial cancelled and i had nothing to do,
went down to yishun stadium to support shiyun and eeting.
hahas. pretty bored there and i ended up doing some amaths sum.
sy deardear got glold for triple jump!
at least i signed up for novelty race. (hahas)

me and sy deardear decided to join the sports carnival for badminton doubles,
but heard that vacancy left 3 spots and mr lee said most probably
they wont allow sec4s to take part. cause of O lvls.
hmms. see how tmr le luhs.

anyway, didnt stayed there for too long, cause dark clouds are already looming around.
left early, then cause got lightning ma,
then when we crossed the overhead bridge sy bent down walking,
cause she said she scared to be the highest point.
( ltr suay get lightning)
LOL. funny lahhs. then i also copy her then left eeting.
scared her abit i guess. lols. :x
home after that. tatas.

see! we are on the bridge. lol.

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