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hahas. im going to rant rant and rant today!

:x okays, i lost my wallet, and decided to go make a new one since my mum gave me money.
so i decided to head for sembawang. ( i replaced my prev lost one there)
so, i stood very long under this weather, waiting for a cab.
haha since i have no coins to take bus or whatsoever.
AND. i realised. i forgot to bring my IC and passport photo, and i have to rush back again.
THEN, i went back to wait for taxi,
and someone stading near the bustop just snatch my cabbbb!
its a ahbunehneh! and i was sms sy deardear how pissed i was.
and so, for the next 20 min, all cabs which passed by were hired, before one finally came my way. ==

ok, i dropped off at sembawang, only to find out i have to go amk to replace my card!
on my way i was on the phone with Transilink to terminate my card,
and the person asked me if i brought my photo w/ SCHOOL UNI one.
obviously, i did not, (i brought the ic one) and she ask me go try see can anot,
since i alrdy on my way.

reached AMK, walked all the way to another end,
the person say must be in school uni de pict,
no choice, cant make it today.
rahhs! lady luck isnt with me. grrs.
i remember i was very pissed up and
i decided to curse the person who got captivity of my wallet.
-.- made me so mafan and that wallet got less than $10 of value inside lor. -.-

reminded me of that time i waited for a good 10 buses to pass by before i couldget up any.
the bustop only has 6 different buses,
and i was DYING to get home tt time. -.-
oh wells.

anyway, met up with sy deardear and went to novena.
intended to go flin lee's tuition centre do homework ;D
hardworking ba.
studied at around 2 or 3 plus to 8 okie!

WE are the hardworking lot ;D

hahas. when we abt to go, we saw this and decided to play with them.
as in you just throw and they can stick to the surface of the sliding door.
i turned backwards and anyhow threw,
and it landed almost near the ceiling. HAHA.

flin lee then gave me and sy a ride back to amk, while my dad fetched me home. ((:

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