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hahas. where else could you find another blogger as active as me! :x
so yea. be happy im blogging more! xp
its 12.07, so i shall talked about the paper ytd!

hmms. its so effing hot in class and im sitting just beside the window with the sunlight shining onto me. == ok, maybe not that exaggerating, but its was hot okay!
im starting to wonder do i still have emotions and feelings left in me.

LOLS. you see, i did like only 1 side de page for my si han compo ( excluding the ge shi),
i had alot of blanks in my HMT paper with the
tian2 xie3 han4 zi4 8 out of 10 is like throw eraser to tikam answer.
oh yes, standard, people was whining away and worrying about it.
and THIS makes me worry.
cause i dont feel a single thing. omg.
issit im short of emotions or did i get too used to leave qns blank during exams?

having emaths pop quiz and physics test ltr in the morning.
i never even study jiu go play audi till now. tsk. its getting late.

GOODNIGHT earthlings. [:

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