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hahas. i think i can be 4H de sweet supplier le lurhs!
hees. samuel said my house is a candy house,
because im bringing sweets to school every single day! ♥

hahas. physics test today wasnt as hard as i thought out to be ;D
tmr's having physics SPA skill 2 again!
cause he said other classes didnt do so well, so decided to let whole cohort retake.
qi si wo le lahh!
that time de skill 2 on lens i did till so
perfect! ♥

anyways, mr koh's getting married soon! ;D
cant wait to see his bride lurhs xp
24th May!

anyways, clarrie and emily dearie told me about this drum concert.
im still wondering if i should go~
hahas. its been long since i went to a drum concert ( which was like 2 yrs ago?)
should I go ?
should I not go?

anyways, those who are interested can visit this
yes, im being random.
HAHAs. (:
Strawberries are my big big lurves! ♥♥

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