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hmm i guess i'll just have a no-pictures-post today.
just managed to redo my taiwan project, turn it into a video for showcase at the school library. (:
hahas. its not easy to do okay, so long! wan die le. t.t

havent been much active in blogging nowadays, and i've also yet written a post for my belated bdae girl darling. ((:

but i guess i'll just update on today. ((: had 5 items napfa test and as usual, i got all As except standing broadjump. and i like miss lee's strategy on standing broadjump! i think only 4h girls know what i meant :x hahas. anyway, im happy with my sit and reach! i got a whopping 58cm! hahas. can win william already~ other than that, nothing interesting alrdy. LOL.

wasnt in the best of mood for the past few days, and that's why u see i never blogg much too. had a dramatic day ytd, and tears just came rolling down my cheeks. i thought i would look normal the next day(today), but emily dearie said my eyes looked abit zhong. haha. she's still the more observant one. haha.

im worn out.
someone save me from drowning.

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