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hmms. cant pretty rmb were i got this picture from thou.
but i know i also kope one. credits to whoever i got it from first!

okkays anyway, just read finished ama darling's blog.
she was saying about people bullying her grandma or something,
it led me rmb something we i told myself i would blog about. haha.

yesterday while on my way home,
i was on bus 804, sitting behind with this 4 Orchid Park students sitting around there alo.
2 girls, 2 boys. dont worry, not BGR. hahas.
hmms. i guess they are around sec1 or 2, from the way they dress and look.
okie im not here to critisize about them or whatsoever,
but i saw onething which made me very VERY pissed off.

let's just name this girl AA.
from the moment i sat there, this girl, AA,
was pinching the cheeks of the boy schoolmate sittin infront of her.
at first thought i thought she find him CUTE or something,
(cause AA was quite big sized, bigger than me, and this boyboy was only around the size of weifeng)
then, i noticed AA went to pinch both sides of the boyboy's face,
turning around to her fren sitting beside her and say 'see so cute right'

this got me very intrigued and i kept on looking,
obviously trying to let them know i was looking in their direction lahhs.
but no one realised. haha but this is not the main point.

then AA (still pinching) was like trying to turn his head blah blah.
and then dumb enough, this boyboy (still drinking his kfc pepsi) didnt say anything,
like as thou its alright.
after that, AA let go of his cheeks and then started to pat him on the head.
i can tell you its real hard lor
. i CAN even HEAR it lols.
and te other 2 frens dont even bother to do anything and continued looking.
after patting, they were chatting about something then AA started 'muffling around with his hair', but as i look longer she was pulling his hair. (omg right)

this this moment ar, i had no eyes to look already you know.
then i heard AA say to this boy 'rmb to ask ur korkor call me ar'
the boy nodded and i looked again,
now she was like pounding on his head with her fist, like his head was some kind of stone like that. i can tell you this is real absurdity lols.
tsk tsk. and i was wondering why this boy was dumb enough not to react anything.
i had this sudden urge to go up her face as give her a stare right in her eyes.
LOL. of course not lahhs, and i just got off the bus,
ont even want to look further. -.-


talk about today, had sort of a small cheer in the hall during assembly.
cheer was to be lead by PSLs which was totally disappointing.
and i would pefer to say prefectorial board could handle it much better xD
hahas. im not trying to be mean okie, just me perspectve of view. ;D

then spent almost 15-20 minutes trying to teach 6lines of a cheer.
-.- and i dont know what made them choose a person which sound like some going-to-sleep-anytime voice to lead the cheer.
okie, nvm about leading, can you believe?

they call themselves leaders and when leading the cheer,
only those on stage was shouting their lungs off,
while other PSL was like wan shout dont want shout,
like as if it was super diu lian for them to do a thing.
omigosh. call urselves PSLs?
hmms.i guess our sec3 prefects could do lot better than you. xp

ok but i put it as a note first, all these are for self-entertainment and i dont meant to critisize anyone. (:

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