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im not wearing any eyeliner k!
my newy bought pencil case ;D
morning skies

in full prefect uniform! tata.
last time wearing before graduating!

hmms. guess on wednesday after school, me sy deardear and kaiting went to the pet shop at 900+ there.
saw these 2 toy poodles which really caught my attention. its like sooo cute. :D hahas.
and the two of them keep on stick tgt. hahas. and we were saying if someone were to seperate them, how cruel that would be. hahas.
had prefects investiture on thursday!
hahas. the feeling of walking from the back of hall to stage is like so.. hmm duno how describe.
haha. all heads were turned to look at you haha.
seniors leh! ;DD
but we did something super retarded. the whole cchy saw it.
haha. oh well, shant hve much to post about it anyway. ;D
hahah. we're graduating in no timeeeeeee.

i wonder if my juniors would miss me. xp
im the greatest liar today.

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