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its 2.4km run! ;D
i woke up and feel things twist inside my stomach and it doesnt bodes well for the day.
HAHA. crap, actually. lol. xD

hmms. i clock in with a much de-proved timing and got a grade C.
compared to last yr 14+min !
but anyways, it was a close shave can!
last sec before the timing drops to grade D.
my gold here i comeeeee. :D
provided that i ran on an empty stomach with side stitch can! xp

hmm. school was as usual,
and i can finally throw my tie to the other side of my roommmmm. ;DD
haha. we've stepped down le okay.
choops as usual DELAYED her last lesson of the day,
and by then i've alrdy decided to pon my amaths supp.
since i've finished the whole textbook myself. hehs *winks.

ohyea, talking about creating our own 4H class song during music lesson as our assignment,
we had a great deal laughing about mushrooms
and mrs yeo doesnt uds what does mushrooms has to do with 4H. LOL.

alrights, that's all for the day. i saw something interesting and im going post it ltr.
oh god, readers of my blog should be feeling happy.
cause i blog a few times a day.

oh anyway, tomorrow we're gonna fight for business witht eh garung-guni(s) ! we're doing CIP and we HAVE TO collect NEWSPAPER and duno what stuffs. *whines*

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