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its proof that i completed them! ;D

im waiting for my mum to finish her shopping -.-

jean, me

the zilian two. hahas! :x

non other than DAMIEN LIEW.

night view, ok my night mode wasnt on.
see see! the whole stretch of highway. ;D

anyways, its my aunt's birthday ytd ;D
went over to her house for her party at cck.
but before we went over, my mum insist that she do some shopping at Lot 1.
oh wells, aftermath is that i have to wait around while she shops.

hmms we are the 1st family to reach anyways,
and one thing. aunties so so so like to
and the parents are like trying to sell off their kids. (there, this my child and blah blah..)LOL.

my cousins are terrible as well. -.-
they dragged me off to take duno how many picts with them.
alot retarded ones, and i decided not to post them in case scare away my readers. (HAHA)

one good point is that they live on the top floor- 14th floor.
and when night comes,
i can say that the view from their windows IS magnificent. ((:
simply took my breath away.
you can see the whole stretch of highway! (ok its abit exaggerating but its true!)

nothing much and we homed.
my mum bought me a white jacket!

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