9:53 PM JustJaslin 0 Comments

oh anyways,
happy 17th bdae to seng wee wee
. ;D

you see, im good to post for YOU and,
better give me a comment kay!
if not i'll strangle you. ;D
anyways, just to say thanks for all these while.
at some of my lowest points in life you were there.
you understood the unspoken words within me,
and sometimes you make a good alternative other than my girlfriends. HAHA.
you know what i meant lahs. lol.
i have alot to say, but i shant tell you ;D
i SHALL make you die of curiosity. LOL.
i count my blessings to have you as a friend (:

im only being nice to you for today!
you own me 17 good bashes . ;D

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