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oh what joy,
i left my textbook, homework, 5yrs series in school
plus! the 4x4 rubik's cube!

all thanks to junhong lurh. qi si wo le!!
i today pack halfway then come find me say kenneth ng looking for us, want us to library.
so junhong, shuan and kenneth ng were like in some mad rush,
stood outside my class and i just anyhow grab the stuffs on my table and left.

tomorrow's my amaths test and the textbook's lying at junhong's house.
i forgot to take it when i left the library. -.-
its not my fault im careless okay!
AND, tmr's physics supp, my 5 yrs series + physics txtbook lying UNDER that table of mine.
that's my homework!

anyway, went to library to set up our taiwan trip exibition,
&& went to CC to study with edwin before i homed.
haha, talking about studies,

our class express chinese gonna take their O lvl chinese in no time!
i still rmb when we took it last yr they were laughing at us. :x
hehs* evil smiles. our turn now!
so many people are busy preparing for MYE and yet im still slacking around.
i feel guilty. HAHA.

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