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oh. you see, there's some unhappy people up at my tagboard!

To lilin:

hahas. not bad eh. i've become your 2ndd target. clapsclaps* ;D if you had something to say, why not just reply at cailing's blog? nothing to say there hence came here on personal attacks? tsk tsk. oh im so sorry but words dont hurt me and neither you have the right to critisize me. if youre at my blog, jolly well read the rules. if your unhappy, your very much welcomed to click that red box at top right hand corner, OR you may continue to tag ur critisms. ( which goes to prove my point more) hah!

and, oh anyway, hahas. regarding ur tag, since when's there a logic that people of same looks are together? oh my. there's seriously something wrong. tsk. i guess i shant waste much time, but this post is dedicated to you! give some comments ya?


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