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okay, i shall be doubly hardworking today, i did two post ;D
about ytd's happenings will be on a seperate post (:

anyways, went BK to study,
and i saw deyi and wenlin studying there. (opps!)
due to overcrowding at BK i had to study with them with siying who joined in ltr.

haha. as i've said, there were alot ppl there (65% ppl mugging)
and the BK management team passed this paper to people who were mugging.

i guess its clear enough for you guys to read it.

hahas. had nothing better to do, wenlin wrote this on the back of that paper.
okay this isnt clear, so i'll just type out. some entertainment value ;D

'' Dear BK Management Team,
You are depriving us students of an opportunity to persue great excellence academic results. It is a disgrace to mankind that you are chasing away so many students who are kind enough to deem that your BK branch produce a conducive environment for us to study. Thus if we fail to make it to the top of the society we shall blame it on you.

You are definitely wasting paper that can be used for the greater good of mankind. I shall kindly remind you that Earth Day has just passed.
I shall see to it personally that this issue shall be posted on the Straits Times Forum.

Yours Sincerely,
Students studying in BK. "

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