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okay readers, click the red cross at your top right hand corner of the window
cause im ain't very happy today and im going to rant.

okay, im freakingly pissed off by one auntie. zz.
text are made smaller as they are harmful for your eyes ;D

biked to a nearby shop to buy sweets for samuel and hannah,
& while on my way back there's this two aunties with their fat ass taking up the whole lane.
okay i didnt meant to be mean but they are even worse.
im like ringing my bell and im quite sure anyone within 10m from me could hear it,
moreover she's like infront of me.

the auntie behind gave way while the other just slowly shake her ass left and right, still taking up the whole lane.
thats when i have no choice but to halt to a complete break behind her.

this typical auntie turned around and started shouting at me.
" where got people cycle like this one ar huh?!"
( cant be bothered by her, i tried to manoveur to the right side with both my legs on the ground alrdy, and YET she never even gave way, stood even nearer & i nearly lose my balance can? and then she continued)
"what you doing ar har? drunk issit? sorry also never say.. how bold you are %$#!&%$#%^@"
(by then i've already cycled away after giving her a slow look from the corner of my eyes.)
yes, she was still hurling some idiotic vulgarities or whatever after i cycled away.

be happy that its evening and i never looked into your eyes. i'll make sure i stare hard at you. wth. such a day spoilt by some freaking unreasonable fatty ass auntie. be glad that i held back my temper to hurl any harsh comments back to you. there's only one lane and i've made clear that there was a bike behind. you should pray to God to give you a proper sense of hearing. you know, crossing roads may even be dangerous.

as i've said, i didnt meant to be mean. this auntie forced me to.

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