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okays, i was super pissed off a few times in school today!

as i mentioned, i was pissed off today, lols.
grrs. :x
all thanks to the CIP stuffs, but
i shalnt elaborate much on it.

but luckily, collection of newspaper was quite a fun experience. hahas.
collecting newspaper was made interesting by those few which i went with.
i found out more about fulin and johann!h
aha. not bad ar.
and that usual william kept on BULLY ME rahhs!
keep on piling newspaper on me,
then ltr tke away from me,
then give it back to me again -.-
&& there was this uncle who wanted to give us soft toys!

BUT! we made an effort to be super nice
and we KNOCKED on every SINGLE DOOR. ;D

haha. everything went smoothly
and we were done around 4+. fast ba ;D
oh anyways, headed to this convenience store near our school.
huichin and others wanted to have a try at those where u put in $1 and turn turn turn to get some stuffs.

haha. so that whole thuing was full of lolipops-softtoys; keychains; etc.
and they turn the thing until around 5+. LOLS.
the shop made some lucrative business lurhhs!
zihan bought so many lahhs!
i guess she spent around 10bucks on it! haha.

enough of school stuffs, my mum finally cooked dinner today!
though its just a soup lahhs. hee.
she cooks once in a blue moon and i guess
that explains my mood. LOL.
you guys better cherish those homecooked food u get evryday uh. xD

hmms. i'll just stop here.
i have an eng essay to do! and i dont really feel like doing it.
not feeling too well either.
byebye. ;D

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