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School ended earlyyyyyyyyyy.
happy thing uhhs.
but oh wells, i thought i lost my phone after geog lesson in 4F,
all thanks to duno whichever retard who off my phone.
i left it under my table :x
or perhaps it just blanked out itself.
im getting more and more absent minded!

hmms. anyway i found something!


hahas. ytd when we went back class for lessons in the morning,
someone pranked on gaoshang
and decided to write gaoshang is a pedophile on the whiteboard, LOL.
and just nice i chanced on this material! juicy stuffs okay!
; credits to this webby.


Ever see a guy at work or school who sends off creepy vibes, and you say to yourself "man, I know that guy rapes children"?
Some mental health doctors claim that there's no way to tell a pedophile apart from anyone else just by looks alone.
Wrong. The person of that web scoured the FBI's most wanted list and found some examples that confirmed his theory. Anyway, here's what to look for:

On the top is Mark David Keller, wanted for paying young homeless boys for sex.
Notice the telltale sign of a man who has a penchant for boy ass: the pedophile-smile or "pedosmile."
It's part smirk, part grin, and all molester. It's like he's having a two-for-one sale on rape, no refunds or exchanges.

On the bottom is John Henry Ramirez, wanted for plain old capital murder. Notice the cold gaze, and no smile. Definitely not a child molester. Probably.

Here's a chance to test your pedometer. Take this quiz to see if you can spot the pedophiles. Choose "yes" or "no" for each suspect; you will be graded at the end of that. (scroll down that page) && i scored only 9/19. HAHA!

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