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tatas. im back im back ;D
hahas. life's either pretty hectic or boring these few days. hmms.

lab's on friday, doing on light intensity
while after school had some prefects' investiture rehearsals.
they asked us to come up with a pose, and some were cute some were dao.
as for our commitee one we've yet to decide. LOL.
i guess they are the sec2 prefects :D walking in.
align urself!


okay anyway, after that we rushed for our ss lecture which is already 2.25 by then and lecture starts at 2.30.
lecture ended at around 3.30 where we headed back to class for english supp.
guai rights! 4G almost hole class pon lahs! only for a few of them
bravos! *claps. xp hahas
but still, its just some crappy oral supp.

we stayed back to let kaiting open her very belated belated bdae present,
and the present was wrapped by eeting and derek. i emphasize on this for a reason kay!
*look at the size of that!*
commit yo your memory first. haha

okay, she was super elated on receiving it. xD
surprise! wrapped in newspaper with a npcc knot or whatever

look at the size! almost 10 minute's passed
still trying hard
tatas! the keychin which was ordered.
so 'big' the size.
aftermath. LOLS. nothing much and we headed home :D

guess what's this.

lols. -.- i know im lame. HAHA.
mum's on leave for these 2 days = which spells trouble for me.
housework housework and MORE housework.
something which i MUST whine on.

hahas. luckily, she decided to bring me my bro and his gf to Seoul Garden for dinner!
yumms. hmms. sat there and chat and all these while eating,
and i played with my food. HAHAs :x

on sunday i was grounded. -.-
i spent my lovely sunny afternoons at home sleeping and playing comp.
where's my life? omigosh.

hmms. lessons as usual, and im now super hardworking on my amaths.
hahas. caught alot of ppl by surprise i guess. :x
when vijay was teaching chpt 18 im doing like exercise 19.
when he started on 19, i almost completed the whole chapter myself.
now he's still on chpt 19.3 and now im in chapt 21.1 LOLS.
i know its exaggerating.
im bored at home and i got nothing to do ):

yays. mum's almost agreeing me to not havng a tutor after she covered my syllabus!
which means no restriction on my time anymore~
but i guess have to wait a while more i guess.

hmms. talk about today.
1. im into amaths craze :x
2. i graded junfei's summary and ms teng called me MS TAN. laughs*
3. i blamed deyi for turning the class into a birdpark or deyi-birdpark
(cause they were whistling away and it gets irritating. imagine around 6-7 ppl whistlingtheir own tune.-.-)
4. i dozed off for a few minutes of mr lee's period.
5. i was thinking of pon-ing hmt lessons. xD (haha!)
6. it was raining and its a superd weather to sleep! hahah
7. i was redo-ing my whole taiwan project into a video & it kept me busy like duno what (and im only 1/3 into it. -.- )


hahas. i was on 800 where it stopped at a junction
& when i turned my head i saw this.
right beside me. LOLS

carplate licence - SBV6991K (haha)

i saw this at a coffeeshop and i joked with sy deardear
& said it was Mr Oh's new job. LOL.

our class SEXAYE backboard!

original face. - but CHIJIE was the culprit for his body, LOL.


Mas Selamat! shuai ba~ fit in de hor. xD my unreasonable neighbour. -.-
see they hang their purple barney dinosaur bedsheet over to our window.
wait i send this picture to The New Paper 'Click' session. HAHA.

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