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why is my blog readers decreasing and decreasing by the day too? )))):

anyways, after school went to NYJC for a small publicity talk by them. (:
saw quite a few seniors and alot of other frens.
i think i knew them through PA.
LOL. then eeting said i go whr also know the people. HAHAs! :x

chijie today was funny lahhs!
cause the person took us for a walk around nyjc school ma, then stopped outside the hall for awhile.
then we peek in see what's going ma. think some cca trying to set up some stuffs.

Chijie : ehh! inside got alot of pretty de zhabor leh!
Eeting : haha~ then you jiu go in lahhs!
Chijie : aiya! why must tuck in shirt now? *gets frustrated*
LOLS. funny luhhs. esp his facial expression. HAHAs.

anyway, since my mum's office's in the area,
i went to look for her after school.
slacked at her office before we bus-ed and trained home.
by the time i reach home its about 9+ le!

&& i just rmbed tmr's a holidays.
how i so so so wanted to go out! xp

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