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#1. i rotted two hours in class waiting for ang mo teng lesson.
#2. i tried to solve a sudo-cube (picts next time) with one SMALL CUBE left unsolved. rawrs.
#3. im skipping meals again xD perhaps im aneroxic. LOL.
#4. im having dangerous mood swings nowadays. XP
#5. there's maths mock paper tmr. my textbooks are in school. xD


hahas. im a big lazy bum now. XP
im auditioning all the way at home. hehe.

got myself a couple in audition! im getting married later on at 9pm. HAHAs!
i shall take ss later and post it here ♥
cute enough barh the name. haha. my lemony's comp is now down ):
youre missed :D haha. i've blogged something about you uhhs.
&& my this cpl never fails to make me feel stressed whn i play with him.
cause he's chaining every song. rawrs!

♥ my lemon ;D
(game cpl, dont wry im not attached in rl xp )

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