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met up with a whole bunch of sec5 peeps with yiluan's clique,
and headed for BoonLay.
haha. its like so early in the morning, and when i step out of my hse,
so many auntie uncle looking lahs TT
all of us nearly filled the cabin in smart wear :D

anyway, thats not my main point.
when me and anne went to sit down, cel they all came over,
&& told us that they notice that a lady standing by the door was constantly looking at me, and ger.
look from TOP to TOE and was constantly talking abt our attire. ( i think so)
ok i didnt notice and ger said she diao4 her. LOL.

we reached at around 10.20 anyway ;D
one of the first to reach. xP hehs. as u can see, the cafe is empty!

snapshots all the way~
ger, nic, cel :DD
hmms. waited for everyone to reached, where they started the whole thing around 11 or something.

the bride and the groom!

taking of vows
exchange of rings
lifting the veil
muacks ♥♥
i forgot what this ceremony was :x
speech time!

we waited like for duno how long before all of his students can take picture with koh xD
and we teased him abt the presents lahs. LOL.
cause we gave them couple underwear!

anyway the whole ceremony was so sweet lahhs!
with the pastor talking about it and all these,
and Ger said she wanna marry. haha :X
and there was this girl girl so cute luhs! xD haha
somehow this looks weird. i duno how to pinpoint it. HAHAs.
idiotic chingyuk's hand!
:D me, cel
LYNN. (:

actually have a few more photos, taken with shuhui they all ;D
im waiting for her to send me! XP

anyways, left the church after some refreshments
and headed for town. a big bunch of 20 people!

headed for cineleisure.
wanted to watch movie but nv did in the end.
headed for e2max, but some not interested hence we left again.
lunched, and continued to walk awhile, and some went to paragon to pass present to duno who.

my heels were giving me a big trouble
& the 1st thing i did at cineleisure was to find shoe buy.
LOL. no choice, have to settle for ripples' slipper.
-.- but it did saved my life. LOL.

since some were lazy to go paragon (nth to walk also)
we headed back to e2max. LOLS.
all rooms were booked! so we just ended up playing audition there and idle.
some played wii and some also went play picture hunt. haha!

but around 5+ i homed tgt with boksiong kaixun kelly yiluan and cheehong.
had a headache and wasnt in a mood to shop. XP
hehe. and here i blogged ;DD

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