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im backkkk to bloggg. XD
&& im not going to sleep anytime before 2am. hehe.

had been auditioning till quite late nowadays.
some people just cant fathom why im so absorbed into.
so i guess i'll post some screenshots. :DD
go play go play.
im gonna physco u. hehe.

:D im infront ;D
crimson red. xD haaha
ballroom mode :DD
with my audi cpl. haha. xD
see its not bad ok. xD

hahah. i got married yesterday! LOLs. XP

okie, this is my cpl :DD

the sour cpl. hahah. xD

interested? go download playyyy~ hahah.
can say im going back to audi after i blogged finish.
im a audi freak! lol~


anyway, back to school stuffs.
i suspect that VP having menopause. xDD
today he riled at jingler again. so mean lahhs.
its like he even tucked in and bought new shoes to change.
(he got suspended ytd for never tuck in shirt)

and today during lessons,
vijay was telling us that the VP has suspended two people already.

ok im gonna end here abruptly.
LOL. idont know what to blog abt currently. XP

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