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oh wells, deardear asked me to tke this photo.
hahas! see the BIG difference in our hip level! xD
oh wells, i realised im starting to procrastinate. :x
hahas. xDD
was addicted to audition again, which is quite a bad thing huhs.

nothing much happened over the past few days.
the skies had been beautiful! ♥♥♥
thursday was such a sunny day,
and friday i was practically admiring the sky the whole day.
its so BLUE!
and the clouds seems likes candyfloss to me!

sat's today! xD and i was still playing comp the whole afternoon.
actually asked deardear out at afternnoon de. but she say evening can.
so i man man lai lurhs.
then around 5+ she suddenly sms me,
''jaslin i meet u at yishun mrt now. i going out now.''

i stared at that sms can! still read it two times.
LOLs. its like 'i tot she going eat first?'
i just came out of the bathroom, bathed finished, not yet get ready or anything. ==
rush rush rush.

hahas. skip~
anyway, saw emi dearie, ama darl, clarrie and edward at yishun mrt too!
glamourous. haha.
me and deardear went to bugis anyways.
xD got my wallet!
shall post it when i have the pict another time. xpp
also bought a stud! ♥♥
deardear just bought some notes(money) of the past de for her mother's mothers' day present. hee.
homed at 9+, and gamed till now. oh gosh. xpp

people said my blog progessing like bullet train. LOL.

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