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our school new prefectorial tee shirt!

anyway, today im blogging quite a long post. not interesting at all.
just mentioning our class's disappointment.


#1. i hate it when teachers lie to us.
#2. i hate it when teachers always put up a false front as thou they loves us but the actually hate us to the core.
#3. i hate it most when teachers doesnt tells us about it.

today had lessons in school as usual. 1st hour was physics lesson, where he "trashed" out some things with our class.

OBVIOUSLY, there had always been some trouble between mr lee and 4h, and much less not forgetting the other teachers.

last friday some of 4H-ians mentioned something which left mr lee hurt. about motivating and stuffs, comparing with other teachers. i guess this time we must really apologise. gone abit too far thou. hence today we spent like around 1/2 hr talking about such stuffs.

but thats not my point. what really imprinted on my mind constantly was his last segment of the talk. he was telling us how hurt and angry and disappointed and how much hate some teachers had for 4H. including those teachers who left us last year.

-He mentioned choops. mentioned how her disappointment turned into anger and thus she was always screaming about in the class.
-He mentioned about teng. mentioned about being unable to apprehand why we dislike her so much. she may have her bad point, but she's a good teacher after all.
-He mentioned about vijay. mentioned about since he's just out from NIE, we have to be more understanding towards him. after all he's a fresh teacher out from NIE and does not have much experience.

He also mentioned about the other two teachers which left us last year. I will not bring up their names, as there are readers to my blog which are students of these two teachers. ((: u see, news spread fast & we dont really like to disturb these teachers again.

this was the part which left us unexceptionally disappointed in our teachers. lets call them Teacher A and teacher B.

Case of Teacher A

teacher A has been teaching us for the whole of last year. i remembered how much our class loved this teacher.
whenever we talked about the nice teacher, this teacher A would always make to the top of the list.

we also loved the occasional treats we had,& we felt as though that subject was made so much easier with this teacher around too.

there were times when we forgot to do the assignment which left her disappointed, but we were truely apologetic about it.

informing us about teacher A leaving our class.

we were very much taken aback by the infomation. everyone was like "why.. why.. why.. you teach us so long le. the subject wouldnt be the same without you.. " etc and stuffs. i could tell u everyone was sad about it.

teacher A's explanation :

the school forbids teacher to take 2 graduating classes at the same time, and hence this teacher would have and she choose to go back to her form class.

the actual truth:

this teacher has been hating our class since semester 1 of the 1st year (which means the first 6mths) and teacher A was totally astounded when given 3H'07 class again. This teacher A even shouted in the staffroom " WHY YOU GIVE ME THIS CLASS AGAIN?!"

i guess the rest, i wouldnt need to explain.

Case of teacher B:

teacher B was sort of a temporary teacher for us class. i couldnt remember how long this teacher taught us though. but i think should be either 1 semester or 2.

the way teacher B brought forward the lesson was clear cut, straight to the point and easy to apprehand. stress level had always been 0 during teacher B's lesson.

either now or then, we would always have free period to ourselves to complete the assignment.
teacher B would make the 2nd of the 'nice teachers list'. we loved this teacher.

informing us about teacher B leaving our class.

everybody was like. WHAT?! WHY? HOW COME?! CAN U DONT GO..?

teacher B's explanation:

(during that time our exams had just finished)

there was a complaint letter towards him about the unhappiness the parents felt towards the marking scheme of a exam paper. and the origin of this letter was 'powerful' that the school DID NOT allow this teacher to take our class anymore.

when we pleaded (repeatedly) with him to take back the class:

teacher B then said that its not that he refuse to, its that the school did not allow. we have to approach the school head department for that subject.

the truth :

teacher B DID NOT EVEN WANT TO TAKE US. the complaint letter was just an EXCUSE. we even felt SORRY for THIS TEACHER in the first place.

after what mr lee told us, we were like so so so disappointed. its like as though we were being 'betrayed' and abandoned.
if you teachers dislike us, why not tell us STRAIGHT in the face.
it's better than having us to find out the truth ourselves.

its not that teachers are the only one who could be disappointed. all i could say is we ARE too. especially with the two teachers. all those hypocrisy behind the masks. i've got nothing more to say.

but still, back to the topic, i still believe our class it ACTIVE HYPER & ADORABLE. LOL.
anyway, apologies to mr lee anyway. (: cheerup.

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