Wednesday, May 21, 2008

relax, it ISNT ME. LOL.

taken for randoms ;D
apparently, there was a fake appearance check during assembly
to avoid mafan i took out my studs.
and i didnt knew it was pink. LOL

hmms. mr lee suddenly decided to give us a remedial at last minute!
grrs. :x
anyways, ended at dont know what time,
before i went to meet up the sec5 peeps again ;D

watching IRONMAN~
hmms. went with quite a bunch of people. TEN!
haha. i must say we were abit noisy in the theatre.
&& i FLOODED kaixun and thomas with questions. LOL.
just ur luck for sitting beside me. XP

about ironman, i've dont a seperate post below x)

was supposed to have remedial today.
who knows when i entered the class she was givingout ice creams!

i know its just an ice cream which cost just that few cents,
but which teacher would go to the extent to buy it for the WHOLE class? XD
haha. and her REASON ?
-- because its BELATED mothers' day.
XP hahah. and we're bugging her for more treats now. :x

streak of pink in the morning sky! <3> ITS SPORTS CARNIVAL ON FRIDAY :D
sorry im skipping cause i have some serious STM
and i forgot what happened on thurs & wednesday xD

hmmms. seriously, i really do appreciate how much effort the prefectorial board had put into this thing. x) if you really do take a look, decorations are up everywhere~
mind you, most of them were cut out from pieces of junk cardboard
and PAINTED on somemore. (: commentable.

TEACHERS ROUND was interesting!
for example we get to see SAB TAN and OKT fall :X
okay im abit mean on this part. XD
4H and the sec5s were the only enthu one luhs. LOL.
play bombing game,
only sec5 bomb 4H, 4H bomb sec5 -.-

ahas. we were saying mr lee was so HIONG! XD
serious luhs. and the whole class was like shouting "PRESS ON; PRESS ON''

remedials all canceled for that day. SWEET ♥♥


saturday's always LOVEED x)
towned with sec 5 peeps again. (:
*germain nic anne celesta kyla thomas kaixun chingyuk yoonghin and..*
i dont know who i've missed out. TT
but i knew we went as 11 ppl!

headed down to far east :D
went to get KOH wedding present and shun bian find peggie and xinying.
hmms. was practically walking everywhere!

i bought studds only. hmms.
surprisingly, the guys were quite patient that day :DD
we went trying on dresses & shoes from shops to shops~
koh's wedding getting us busy too!

was looking at some nailart when one guy with his fren came to ask my number.
haing thomas & esp chingyuk keep deesiaoing me. -.-

saw quite alot of cchy ppl there.
people like dunros samuel, jenin shuhui jeffrey edward, yixia winnie, and jolene's clique (:
shocking lurhs.
bok siong and his gf met up with us afterwards but left AWHILE ltr.
and i meant AWHILE. LOL

by the time we knew, its already 7pm+
LOLS. headed to wisma and taka then.
met up with jiexin and lian sheng
walked around where we went to this shop Fresh Imp.
by that time left only me anne ger nic cel and the only guy thomas.

thomas and nic were trying on clothes which led to something real funny.
LOL. and ger was down there trying on stupid looking glasses
and i laughed non stop.
we even teased nic abt a cute staff there. HAHAS.
spent almost 1hr in that shop before i homed first.

all thanks to my unLIFTED curfew. -.-
now then rmb when i write till here. TT

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