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ok, it dates back to 8 May 08 haha!

DAPHNE- hahas. thanks for ur compliment for my blog. XD uhhs. since when hasnt ur comp lag neh. hehe. xD and ohya! now its not running like bullet train alrdy! got archives part! haha.

WEIFENG- thanks for tagging!

SHUAN- hmms. about the checking of time, how does it helps? oO

- haha! sure sure. do drop by along more often! i'll be happy over the moon. XP

CAROL- hellos~! xp how have u been doing uhs?

ANGEL- uuhhs. so what's the link now? haha

+PrinceC+ - clarlynn!! XD hahas. ur appearance is rare here. hee~

CAILING- i've replied at ur blog! o.O u saw me? hehe. paisehs i tend to be deaf at times. xD but anyway, the guy u saw is not my bf! x)

THEW- SUP bro ;D hahas. uhhs. new games ar. not sure lehhs. mine also rotting like dust! haha!

YVONNE- hmms. oO 'yi chyi' is the fren's name u mentioned? oh anyway, ure yvonne tay? oO

MAO- heyys ;D surpised having u here. goodluck to you too in whatever ((:

AMANDA- darlinqqq!! hehe. no luhhs. im NOT! XD im more attracted to you! all the picts in ur bloggg. XDD im fallinghead over heels you know, careful im a LES! XD

WILLIEWONKA(audi cpl)- hellos honey! haha. thanks for tagging :D

hahas. thanks for tagging too! x)

ANDY- oO woah. youre shocking me. hehe. new blog url? sure sure. relinking will be up soon! :D

HANNAH- hees. its okays. im relinking you soon! takecare! XD

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