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sorry guys. hadnt been updating. hahas.
my internet explorer is gonna be the death of me.
now i even have problems accessing frenster!
god. TT

hehs. headed straight for town in school uniform after school xD
went with nicolette, germain, anne and clarlynn!

steady enough ba. hehe

went to orchard and there were like so many boards at the underpass with markers at the side,
hence we decided to draw on it!
we wrote names and alot of stuffs~
haha. i shall let picts do the talking. xD

since it was an impromptu decision to go town,
most of us didnt had cash with us and its sucks big time! TT
you know, like there's so many stuffs that ARE tempting to buy,
BUT. too bad you cant buy.

hahah. walked around far east, saw some cchy ppl and xingyi,
and headed for taka.
i had this deva ju feeling that im going to peng4 jian4 some people.
esp when xiaxue's blog keep popping up in my mind.
u know, the one who's always on her blog wif kaykay doing some stupid stuffs. haha.

walked around and slacked at Macs!
and ger and anne was absorbed into taking picts of clarlynn.
so funny lahhs! hahah.
but soon ltr we homed around 6~ ;D



hmms. was practically slacking at home.
wanted to go out but cant find people!

and i did something which i nv tot i would do.
i asked an online fren out.
haha! He's JinYang. met through audi.
we were like whining online saying cant go to the place we want, and when i ask where it is, he said town.
cause i also intended to go far east again ma.
went to look for a cap!
picts up another day.

so we met at orchard around 5.30pm and went walkwalk everywhere,
and dinnered at Taka.
haha. he's like so good lahhs.
i said i intended to go buy acash ltr and he gave me an extra card he got in his wallet.
then he was talking about this ice cream desert 'Mochi'
i said i nv eat before ma.
who knows taka got. then when eating dinner,
he said he go buy drinks, who knows he came back with a box of mochi in them and gave it to me,
ask me bring back share with my mum. hehe

ok i was feeling bad enough about it.
want return him money he dont want.
and he insisted on accompanying me back to northpoint cause i said i going thr buy something for my mum.
can u believe it? he stayed at punggol can! x.x

too bad i forgot take picts with him. haha.
because at one time i eyed him suspiciously,
i even wondered if his eyes were bigger than mine. -.-
but of cus, i still think mine is bigger. HAHAs! xD

GOODNIGHT earthlings ((:

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