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hehs. sorry i nvr blogged for the last one or two days.
hahahs. was gaming XD cant blame =P

alrights alrights anyway im back blogging :D

as usual, i think i shall blog for the 3rd and 4th day for my jap trip,


3rd DAY


the udon is super nice!

after that we proceed to a museum.
everything picture displayed inside is made up of paper!

paper cut-out!
and some blured effects by the glass.

then we headed for our hotel which was quite nearby.
freetime for us anyway!

as you could see i was forced to take this pict..

hehs. bored, we walked around and saw this!
so took it and went up up up up the hill or whatever lahs! =3
nice view huh.

i've plucked 3 maple leaves! haha

going back down.. :D

you dont get to see me in a kimono!

hahas. that day the dinner, everyone was required to wear this kimono which was supplied by the hotel. hahas. shoe also have to wear hotel's one. ._.

but anyway, their buffet dinner was nice!
had a nice time eating pizza; crab; ebi and alot of things. haha



hmms. this day nothing much, just some sight seeing around, before we headed to a 'town' by the countryside. haha.

anyway, see the dent in on top of the mountain! haha.
spot it spot it.

lunchbox for lunch!
but i didnt rly enjoyed it. i just ate one fried fish fillet (which u can see at the btm right)
and left the whole thing untouched. XD

these ae quite popular in jap.
to HOMIE : there no domokun! only this! haha

and i bought this monkey back home. haha!
my zodiac ma :D
my bro was super jealous of it. LOL.

countryside. :D

but then ltr we headed to another village called 'Little Kyoto' or something.
their house de rooftop very interesting.
history and culture also not bad. XD

hmmms after this didnt take much photo.
had a 4hr bus ride to duno where and yea. that ends the day. hahah. XD

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