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lols! its a theme on rural areas.
being a geog student, i should be able to crap alot, but somehow i still screwed it up. hahah.

i still remember the picture discussion,
he only ask "where do u think this picture was taken?"
so i crap crap crap alot,.. until i duno how to continue. he was expecting more,

but i just said " err i dont know how to continue "

LOL. worse still, during conversational part that time,
I FORGOT WHAT HIS QNs WAS when i was crapping halfway.

so i just said abruptly wherever i was " ya thats all "

happy new year! :D say byebye to A2. lols!
i came back home around 10+ and i slept till 4+ !
pig enough? i dreamt about alot stuffs. i even dreamt of DRIVING. LOl.
think must be super retarded cause i dont know how in my dreams.
ahaha. dumbass. xD

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