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im backkkkkkkk.

sorry i hadnt been updating. =P
reason one is that im simply too lazyyyy!
reason two is that i went to nic's chalet!
i wanna update but i have to wait for the picts from celesta! XD

Due to laziness =3 hehs i guess i shall just update abit on my Jap trip!



we went to this wet market in the morning to see see.

our tourguide! haha.
he's super cute and funny. the way he talks and how bhb he is. HAHA.
he is trying to ask us to sample some raw tuna or something XD

fruits! hehs. its not cheap okay.
their price divided by 75 is how much we pay in sing dollars.

and we went to view Samurai houses!

my cousins. tracy, angel , me.

and u dont get to see this guy cousin of mine often in photo.
look how grumpy he looks!
i have to put my arm over him to prevent him from running away. haha!

headed to Tojinbo Clifts after that.

& my mum says i look like a silkyhair girl model in this pict. LOL.

now how alike do we look? hmmms

headlands and bays, stumps and clifts!
its geog lesson!

and i still have no idea what this is.
my mum tells me in chinese && i still duno.

and this jap doll is so cute! haha~

okay i shall end here 1st. LOL. lazy, u see.
cel, send me the picts soon!

school's starting tmr.
i dont want it to be on my study table. x.x its term 3 and time to study doubly hard!

the 3+months left are scary enough.

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